eWeek: Firefox, a technology that changed the decade

eWeek, one of the best enterprise technology magazine, has released a list of 25 Technologies that Changed the Decade, listing Firefox in number 9:

Just a few years ago, the future of the Web and the browser looked bleak. Internet Explorer dominated the market, and Microsoft wasn’t interested in browser innovation. But when Mozilla released Firefox, we finally got real browser choice and innovation. Firefox reignited the browser wars, and today we have more competition and choice in browsers than ever before.

The list also includes 3G, WiFi, AJAX, iPod, Gmail, and other heavy-weight names.

Buzz it! easy with Firefox

It didn’t take long before we have the first handy Firefox extension for Buzz, Google’s new microblogging service.

Buzz it!, developed by Arthur Sabintsev, adds a button to the Firefox toolbar you just need to press to share the title and a link to the current page via a Gmail post.

A simple extension to help early adopters.

Get Buzz it! at Mozilla Add-ons.

UPDATED: Yahoo! to become Firefox’s default search engine on Ubuntu

According to a recent email by Canonical’s Rick Spencer in the Ubuntu development mailing list, Canonical is planning to change Firefox’s default search provider to Yahoo! starting with forthcoming Lucid Lynx, due in April.

The change will also change the default home page from the current Ubuntu customized Google search page to a Yahoo! home page.

The post emphasizes that previous user choices of search engines will be respected, so the change will apply for new users only (new installations, or new local users).

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Users turn to Firefox following IE warnings

Following last days’ German, French, and Australian government warnings about the risks of Internet Explorer’s security vulnerability, and recommendations to use other web browsers, Mozilla has seen a huge increase in daily downloads, as reported by Ken Kovash, from the Mozilla Metrics team.

Numbers doubled in France from an average 40K to 80K, in Australia from 12K to 32K, and Germany from around 70K to around 150K.

Firefox calendars for 2010

To keep Firefox on sight at all times even when your computer is off, here are a couple of 2010 calendars for you to print, hang, and share with your friends, family, and colleagues.

There’s a project for each month. Can you identify all the logos? Can your relatives and friends?

Firefox 2010 calendar red
Firefox 2010 calendar blue

Red versions: Letter sizeA4 sizeA4 en español

Blue versions: Letter sizeA4 sizeA4 en español

Source file (.docx) Note that the Meta Bold font for the Firefox logo is not free, but you can use fairly high resolution logos and wordmarks from Mozilla.