Still some new tricks in Firefox 3.6 beta 3

Continuing with its new quick beta turnaround strategy, Mozilla has released a third beta just a week after Beta 2

Nothing too dramatic among the 90+ bug fixes this release introduces, but a few worth noting:

  • A new API will now allow add-on developers access Firefox’s geolocation features. (See Doug Turner’s post)
  • As expected,  tab previews on Windows 7 taskbar has been pulled back. This is a real disappointment: there will be no support at all for some of Windows 7’s most welcomed features: jump lists, download progress in the task bar (a la IE8), and now no tab previews.
  • In the security/stability front, the Firefox components directory is now locked down, which means no third party provider will be able to write to Firefox’s components folder. More details in Mozilla Developer Center.
  • The extensions.checkCompatibility preference becomes less relaxed. In the past, it has been abused by users as a way to force incompatible extensions to work with newer Firefox versions. The preference is still there but it will have to be more explicit. For example to force them to work with Firefox 3.6, you wll have to add extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6 and set it to  false. For future versions you will need to set extensions.checkCompatibility.3.7 to false and so on. See Dave Townsend’s post for more details.

What’s next? Current Firefox 3.6 nightly builds are labeled as preb4, which could mean a fourth beta is planned. There are still a few nasty crasher bugs among the current blockers after all. This would push a release candidate into December and Firefox 3.6 final may become the preferred Christmas gift this season!

For the complete review of Firefox 3.6, check my beta 1 review.

Get Firefox 3.6 Beta 3.

6 thoughts on “Still some new tricks in Firefox 3.6 beta 3”

  1. I turned tab previews off in less than five minutes after installing. They were irritating as hell.

    Jumplists should have been the first feature on the list.

  2. Wow thanks for the information about extensions.checkCompatibility. I always run the latest nightly with that disabled so I can still use my favorite extensions but it stopped working about 2 weeks ago and I didn’t understand why. I even reverted to the latest nightly that still worked and have not updated it.

    1. I just tried it and it works but… If you are running an alpha or beta you have to append an a or b so: extensions.checkCompatibility.3.7a or extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6b

  3. I’m glad they removed tab previews, I usually have 2 or more windows and sometimes 10+ tabs open at once and it was a nightmare to switch between.

  4. 2x bad news: the postponing of Win 7 features and the changing of extensions.checkCompatibility :(

    Why has it been postponed?

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