Windows 7 support coming to Firefox 3.6

With Windows 7 scheduled for general availability in about a week, Mozilla is getting ready to support some of its best known features as they progressively come to Firefox 3.6 nightly development releases.

First, tabs can now be previewed from the task bar directly just hovering over the Firefox icon (Namoroka’s in the screenshot). Previews for all windows are displayed at a time, and like other Windows 7 applications you can select or close a tab from there.

Firefox 3.6 task bar tab preview

Second, support for jump lists: right click on the Firefox task bar icon to get quick access to the most frequently visited sites, create a new tab or window or close Firefox. This features is not yet available in Namoroka, but the trunk (the source for future Firefox versions). It will most likely land after the Beta 1 freeze.

Firefox support for jump lists

Finally, we should be able to check download status directly from the task bar thanks to a progress bar integrated with the Firefox icon. A green progress bar indicates downloads are currently in progress while a yellow one menas downloads are currently paused. This one hasn’t been landed yet on either source repository.

Download status on Firefox taskbar icon

8 thoughts on “Windows 7 support coming to Firefox 3.6”

  1. @Linux And Friends
    Good question, although I would like to see it in XP too, I guess it requieres a taskbar plataform like W7 one… Well since is Linux, sure someone will make a soft that works alike :D

    1. File a bug.. maybe have an extension created.. but most likely this will not happen unless there is a significant reason for doing so.

      1. You can drag images onto the jumplist or browser icon, I don’t know how you would track open images in new tab.. unless your thinking of view image, which replaces tab as the current behavior and you have to click back button.
        I don’t think this has been challenged yet as an option, except there is open link in new tab.. which would do the same thing.

        Paste and Go seems like a shortcut for something.. though I’m sure you can find some extensions that may cover that.

  2. Correction to this article.. as of 10-30-2009..

    Non of these things will be in the shipping release of Firefox 3.6. Tab Previews will be disabled as of today. They are not ready for prime time.. there are several bugs still to be ironed out and is not going anywhere fast..

    Jumplists and Flyouts and Download Status Bar has never been implemented in 3.6 let alone shipping in it.


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