Firefox 3.6 gets full screen native video

Current Firefox 3.6 pre-beta 1 nightlies now feature a full screen option for videos embedded using the <video> tag like the natively supported Theora encoders.

Just right click on the video and select Full Screen. While on full screen, press Esc to return to the normal view.

There’s still a half second pause while switching modes that should be ironed in the next days, but is far better than the current Full Screen extension which forced a full video restart when switching modes.Neat!

Video full screen menu

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  2. Gimme back the close last tab function!
    The new tab button is also unnecessary, I’m used to double click on tabs bar, but it can be here.
    Just give us back the possibility of closing last open tab, like it was in 3.0 series

  3. I’ve just tried the new fullscreen video option from small ogv files (320×240 up to 640×480) and I get less than 5 fps in fullscreen mode (2560×1600 on the main monitor, dual monitor).

    Anyway we can help fix this ?

    1. Has anyone ever tried to broadcast a live event using FF video player? If so I would love the opportunity to discuss.

  4. Patrick-Emmanuel, it’s easy. Just roll up your sleeves and implement hardware acceleration in Gecko ;)

  5. Hardware accel? Just use the existing DirectSomething APIs. There should even be wrappers that work on both Linux and Windows.

    1. do you know of how to use english subtitles on a spanish or french only movie? I find a few movies i really wanna see but their don’t have english subtitles in them. i think i have seen a site or two that say you can download them but IDK how to put them in.

  6. Wouldn’t the video lose it quality and be fuzzy? Embedded videos are often small, so making them full screen will stretch the video, plus lose it quality, especially those who have large screens. So, this isn’t the best idea, unless there is something I don’t know about. Better yet, why not have an option to select a resolution for the video when making it larger.

  7. It’s nifty, but when used with dual monitors the video pops up on the primary screen instead of the screen where the browser is.

    1. i think that is something with windows. cause if you move that broswer over to your sec. monitor then close it there. then you open your browser it opens there (the last place it was) at least it does it to me in Win XP.
      Hope that answered your question.

  8. Unfortunately, this is even far slower than flash 10 on linux at least. Useless till acceleration is added.

  9. fire fox crashes when u are watching vids (streaming) it always crushes after a while if am using full screen

    1. i noticed this too. it’s really upsetting! some sites don’t allow resume. so i have to wait till the entire video downloads and watch it all again. thats when i give up!
      I think FireFox should have codecs plugin at least for us that will use this as media player. or does it already?

  10. I’m on a 10+ year old IBM thinkpad T40
    it has an Intel Pentium (1) Moblie CPU at 1500 Mhz and just under 512Mb ram (a few mb get shared to the vid card)

    for me the vids run fine, no more or less choppy that your average youtube vid with the HQ button checked.

  11. I get choppy picture with Full Screen on every computer I have tried
    Two of the computers I have tried:
    1)AMD 64bit 1.6ghz
    1gb RAM
    256MB ATI video card
    Takes 100% of the CPU processing
    2) Centrino CORE 2 DUO 2.26ghz
    1gb RAM
    Takes 30-70% of CPU processing and still a choppy pictured

    note: videos play normally and without any problems when they are in their original size

    I’m using FIREFOX 3.6 “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9.2b4) Gecko/20091124 Firefox/3.6b4″

    This needs to be improved, Youtube plays HD videos on full screen and only takes 20-30% of the CPU with the video playing smoothly.

  12. Aside from the delay in switching between full screen and normal mode, it looks to be working as expected.

  13. Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz. Radeon HD 3850. 1 GB of RAM.

    Small size: watchable but not enjoyable.
    Fullscreen: absolutely terrible, the sound is even skipping back and forth in time.

    If it’s not going to be faster than Flash I don’t see the point. Open or not, no one is going to want to make a switch if it ends up being worse and there’s a sizable chunk of people on the internet that want to watch videos that do not have a top performing gaming machine for surfing the web.

  14. I’m also getting slow loading & video freeze when in full-screen (not happening with IE). Also, if I have a video clip playing in a tab then close that tab, the sound keeps playing until the end of the clip. Any ideas on that one? Thanks.

  15. It stills way slower than Flash video playback. Heck, between a slow feature only avaible on FireFox and a fast Flash object that can run on all major browsers, what do you guys think devs will choose? :/

  16. Chrome and opera also have the video html tag support, so no its not just a firefox only feature. Also, in my opinion the flash solution is currently a better solution for dev,s as it works pretty good and supports the highest percentage of internet users. That said, this solution needs to exits as an alternative for many reasons. If implemented more often and in a larger scale it has the opportunity to become better than the flash solution if more developers contribitute to and make it work better. There really should be an open, free solution for video on the web. I’ve heard over and over, Adobe or apple or whoever is paying the licensing fees so the user can enjoy the content for free (as in beer). It is still not free (as in speech) and regardless this does not help in the generation of content end.

  17. For me it’s working OK (final firefox release), but I also support the Idea that a button on the interface is needed and javascript fuscreen methods.

    This site has a nice implementation of the vide tag. Degrading progressivelly between:
    Ogg, Mp4, Flash video (standard object), Flash video for IE, and download option if no other option is available. Good to see people using that.

  18. ok. it’s a good idea, but what if U make mozilla capable of viewing online Televisions and listening on-line radios without the need to install a lot of software?

    To have an option in Settings that could be named ON-LINE TV & RADIO, where anyone could (un)check what Kind of online TV or online radio post it can view… based on the way in which the information is send ….

  19. or make a plug in that installed in firefox, make THE BROWSER capable of viewing online tv-s without ANY OTHER SOFTWARE… and listening on-line radios, not only payable ones…

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