Firefox gets WebGL support: 3D hardware acceleration

WebGL is a standard specification to display 3D content on web browsers without the need of an additional plugin WebGL that is being defined as a JavaScript API to OpenGL ES 2.0 by The Khronos Group’s WebGL working group integrated by several companies including AMD, Ericsson, Google, Mozilla, NVIDIA and Opera, and chaired by Mozilla’s Arun Ranganathan.

According to Vladimir Vukicevic’s post, support for WebGL has been added to Firefox nightly trunk builds (not in Namoroka’s). To enable it, users must set webgl.enabled_for_all_sites to true via about:config.

The standard is expected to be finalized by early 2010, and given the current work, it could be released with upcoming Firefox 3.7 targeted for mid next year.

One thought on “Firefox gets WebGL support: 3D hardware acceleration”

  1. I forgot about Silverlight. That’s probably going to play out to be the delivery method for DirectX 3D over the web at some point. I agree with you that Silverlight is a big deal here. Even beyond the bets they’ve already placed with the outstanding support for Smooth Streaming and other such video issues, it’s not hard to see Silverlight becoming their 3D web based platform.

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