Firefox 3.5.1 due this week to fix security and slow startup bugs

Mozilla has confirmed that it will release the first update for Firefox 3.5 later this week to address a critical security vulnerability disclosed a couple of days ago that could lead to malicious code execution.

The update will most likely also address a bug related to slow startups due to large Windows temporary  folders being scanned for Firefox’s randomness needs. However, some testers report the fix already available in a release candidate doesn’t improve the startup time, so it seems there are other possible causes and the fix may not help all users.

A second update (3.5.2) is already in the works and is expected for late July. This will address some bugs originally targeted for 3.5.1 that got postponed to speed Firefox 3.5.1 update.

13 thoughts on “Firefox 3.5.1 due this week to fix security and slow startup bugs”

  1. Will the sqlite3 VACUUM method of flushing *.sqlite files during/after each firefox update be implemented soon?
    maybe in 3.5.2?

  2. loading the basic interface (minimum required) first and then load others when an associate action request is occur or loading sequentially rather loading everything first time could be helpful for a faster start-up.

    like loading all 12 tabs from my last save could be change to a popup window or menu, with options to choose from, for a new load is better. there could be option to load all.

  3. Why the blazes does it scan the temp folder? The temp folder should be empty when not in use by a setup program or some such. Although on a typical PC the temp folder can easily have a hojillion files in it because it is hidden from the users, many programs don’t clean up after themselves, and users don’t realize there is a problem until their hard drive literally fills up.

  4. 3.5.2 is still slow slow slow to startup.

    Is there an option to prevent update checks at start-up but allow them as an idle process? Firefox seems to do both, but I can’t see how to control them separately.

  5. Takes 20-60 sec. to start up.

    Ver 3.5.2
    OS : Windows XP Pro, SP3 and all fixes.
    AV + AntiMalware : eTrust 8, incl. pest patrol.
    MS Windows Defender, latest signatures.

    IE8 starts right away.

  6. I notice that 3.5.2 starts up slow the first time, but subsequent starts are much faster. Does anyone else have the problem with it always coming up (first time) asking “well, this is embarrassing” and asks to restore sessions, even when previous sessions are stopped clean.

  7. Ever since I installed Firefox 3.6, I receive that damned annoying message “well this is embarrassing”. It won’t open new links either – only if I choose “open in another tab”.

    It’s so annoying that now I’m changing to Opera.

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