Final Firefox 3.5 update: a new logo

For the upcoming new Firefox 3.5 (Shiretoko), Mozilla is planning an important final update: the venerable Firefox icon.

A few weeks ago, and despite the proximity of Firefox 3.5 final release, Mozilla announced its intention to revisit the logo for a subtle update that reflects the deep changes it has experimented in the last three major releases since its last retouch around Firefox 1.5 release.

In a post by Firefox User Experience team member, Alex Faaborg, he introduced the first of a daily series of logo proposals. Today’s (shown next to the current and original versions) presents a rendering by Anthony Piraino,  based on a conceptual sketch by Jon Hicks (the original logo creator) from November 2007, that “introduced additional detail to the fur, and the flames starting to wrap around planet mozilla which significantly modernizes and streamlines the appearance of the icon.”Firefox logos

In a previous post, Alex explains some common questions the decision may rise including the rationale and timing.

Why bother fixing something that isn’t broken?

In a marketplace that is focused on products that are newer, faster, lighter and shinier, design work is inherently perishable. Part of this is larger trends and fashion (for a period of time cars had fins), and part of this is simply ongoing visual change as an indication of overall progress.

For the creative motivations behind the overall effort, check Alex’s enlightening Creative Brief for Shiretoko Refresh.

UPDATE: A second iteration is already available as you can see below: less hairy, more saturated, more defined flames.

Shiretoko icon, iteration 2

133 thoughts on “Final Firefox 3.5 update: a new logo”

  1. ayy the fox doesnt look like its jackin off anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the new logo does look more obviously like fire but it also looks a little wild. I quite liked that the old logo was more subtle in this but the new logo does still work. I guess I am just not really sure why they need to change the design as the old logo works fine and does not look dated yet. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I think the tail on the proposed one is not streamlined well enough compared to the globe like the old one but other then that it looks way better

  4. I just got Firefox and saw the logo for the first time. I don’t like it. It looks stressful. Foxes have always frightened me (as a child in stories) and they are wild and unpredictable… Fire isn’t a good feeling… fire is scary and can hurt people and is threatening. Seeing that animal and fire embracing what seems to be a globe or blue sphere (the world?) is terrible. Every time I put some webpage on my desktop there is anohter on of those logos. Orange and yellow are stress inducing colors that also increase hunger. That is why fast food chains use it in tables and chairs…. etc…
    Firefox – please change your logo to something not related to FIRES and FOXES. Why they picked this name is a mystery and a mistake. They should have called it Blue Water —- or Blue Sky or something pleasant and made the logo a nice light blue shape – without something stressful about it. Any psychologist would have told them this. I hate the current logo and I hate the coming logo. Fire. Foxes. Stress. No one really want alot of either one in their life ——-

  5. Nancy – stop projecting… There is nothing scary about fire or foxes, don’t forget that without the big old ball of fire in the sky we wouldn’t exist.

    My thoughts about the redesign – why do you want to go and mess with perfection? The recurrent logo is brazen and courageous, it has the balls to say let’s whip IE’s ass, it’s vibrant, a living thing. The proposed design, although good, is moving towards a realism that isn’t necessary, why make the fire look more like fire, it is fire, why tone the colours down?

    But as long as you don’t call it Blue Water I’ll live… because you know people can like die or drown in water it’s so cold, makes me feel so alone…

  6. muy bueno me gusta como va quedando el logo de Firefox… que tengas suerte en lograr lo que buscas Saludos !!

    Luis BS AS. Argentina

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