Quickly find unread tabs in Firefox

Right-click on a link -> Open Link in New Tab, or simply middle-clicking, are pretty common tasks in a world of tabbed browsers, that allow us to differ some web content for a few minutes or even seconds. Unless you happen to forget where the tab actually opened or what was the page about and the unread tab goes unnoticed.

With a simple tweak to Firefox’s interface customization files, this becomes a thing of the past. In the image below, can you figure out which tabs I haven’t read yet?

unread tabsYeap, the ones with the italicized titles. To apply the same tweak, first locate your userChrome.css file, located in the chrome folder in your profile folder. If you don’t see it, just copy the provided userChrome-example.css file to the same location and rename it. Then add this line:

#content tab:not([selected]) {font-style: italic !important; }

Then restart Firefox and it will get much harder to miss a tab. Note that for some reason, moving tabs around set the font back to normal even if you haven’t clicked on it yet.

5 thoughts on “Quickly find unread tabs in Firefox”

    1. solved …

      #content tab:not([visited]) {font-style: italic !important;}
      #content tab:not[visisted=”true”] {font-style: italic !important;}

      you can also make them bold or colored

      #content tab:not([visited]) {font-weight: bold !important;}
      #content tab:not[visited=”true”] {font-weight: bold !important;}

      colored (red)
      #content tab:not([visited]) {color:red !important;}
      #content tab:not([visited=”true”]) {color: red !important;}

      you can also color the bakc ground of the tab (green)
      #content tab:not([visited]) {background-color: #80FF6C !important}
      #content tab:not([visited=”true”]) {background-color: #80FF6C !important}

      I hope it works for you

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