Update Firefox’s search bar with new Google favicon, again

Search bar with new Google iconSo Google has updated its logo once again. If having different icons in the search bar and the location bar while on a Google results page makes you feel like there’s yet another item in your to-do list, here’s some relief.

You can update the Firefox’s default Google search plugin to show the new Google search icon:

  1. Download this updated version of the Google search plugin. (Only change is the updated data: url for the favicon)
  2. Copy it to your searchplugins folder in your Firefox install folder  (typically C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ on Windows), and overwrite the existing google.xml file.
  3. Save the file and restart Firefox.

Now you have the current favicon and can rest.

29 thoughts on “Update Firefox’s search bar with new Google favicon, again”

  1. The new icon is rather ugly. Thanks, I’ll use this method to restore the old google favicon when newer firefox versions replace it.

  2. Hey I’m using 3.1b2 and I’m having trouble using this xml. Have things changed in 3.1? I’ve tried replacing the google.xml in the Program Files directory as well as adding the google.xml file to my profile’s directory.

  3. Ha! I hated the first change at first, altough I got used to it eventually, and yet again, I’m reserved about this change.

    However, I didn’t even realize my search bar has kept the “original” one. Good. I’m keeping it that way ;)

  4. In Mac OS X, the searchplugins folder is inside the MacOS folder, which is inside the Contents folder displayed when you right-click Firefox.app and select “Show Package Contents”.

  5. Mac OS X Instructions:

    Show Package Contents for the firefox app

    Open the following folder path: Contents -> MacOS -> searchplugins

    overwrite old google.xml file with the new one


  6. For Fedora 10, the directory is /usr/lib/firefox-[version-number]/searchplugins… if you’re using the x86_64 version, it’s lib64 rather than lib.

  7. Google had *several* new icons they released. It would be nice if we could have the option to use one of those instead, such as the blue and white icon used for Google Mobile on the iPhone.

  8. Instead of showing us how to see some icon that I can see right here on your page, how about showing us some really cool way we can use Google Hacks. That would have more value to me than this story.

  9. I thot it was a favicon virus/spyware and tried to clean it out but to no avail. I then googled the problem and realised it’s just an update. It still looks like a virus/spyware to me anyway.

  10. Have new VISTA and new Toshiba 4gigs…VISTA is “blocking” the Radio STREAMING on FOX ?? …on XP, worked perfectly…click IN station and there it was…WHY, is MSFT being allowed(control) of FireFox? TERRIBLE…Plugs INs and Extension and CRAP does NOT work? …can only lock IN one radio station…ALSO, the FOX SCREEN is “blurry”…was always SHARP and Clear and Clean…WHY? Wm D ….help? can only use I.E….click and ‘right’ to the Radio Station…none of this crap about PLUG INs…can also do some in Opera…

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  12. mine updated automatically. but what i really want to know is how do I get the old icon back? i loved the simple, classy “G” logo. i want it back!! :(

  13. I downloaded and did exactly what you said with the google.xml file, but not a thing has changed!! :(

    I have ver. 3.5.4

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