Firefox 3.1 gets some sounds

A recent patch to Shiretoko, Firefox 3.1 development  branch, has added support for menu popup and selection sounds on Windows.

If you have defined sounds for these events via Control Panel/Sounds, Firefox will now play them. No support yet for blocked pop-ups, clicked links or any other event.

Menu sounds

While these changes may seem trivial for some, it could make a difference for people with visual and other kinds of disabilities.

11 thoughts on “Firefox 3.1 gets some sounds”

  1. I just so happened to be playing around with this same release yesterday, and discovered the sounds for myself. I am using Linux with GNOME. Weird thing is, it’s the only program that actually plays any.

    1. Don’t be rude. It’s open source. Some people are responsible for security fixed, some for little enhancements, other for look and feel. Don’t blame everyone. If you’ve found an issue you can check if it’s already in bugzilla, and even if isn’t, you’re allowed to submit patches.

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