Experimental Firefox with multitouch support for Mac OS X

Mozilla’s Edward Lee has released an experimental build of Firefox 3.1 pre-Beta 2 with reviewed patches by Tom Dyas, that bring support for multitouch gestures on the latest MacBooks’ (*) multitouch trackpads.

Implemented gestures are:

  • swipe: move three fingers on the trackpad on any direction
  • twist: rotate two fingers
  • pinch: move two fingers away or closer to each other

These are the actions you can perform with the different gestures:

  • Swipe Left: Go back in history [press Cmd to open it in a tab]
  • Swipe Right: Go forwards in history
  • Swipe Up: Go to the top of the page
  • Swipe Down: Go to the end of the page
  • Pinch Together: Zoom out
  • Pinch Apart: Zoom in
  • Twist Right: Next tab
  • Twist Left: Previous tab

Edward warns that this is an experimental build and there has been no word on whether this will make it for Firefox 3.1 (it’s definitely not a blocker but could get in if it is deemed safe enough and time allows proper QA).

You can get the experimental Firefox 3.1 with Mac OS X gestures support (in case it is not obvious, Mac OS X only) from Mozilla try build servers.

(*) Supported MacBooks include: MacBook Pro from this year (either early-2008 model or the new late-2008 ones), MacBook Air (both models from 2008), MacBook from late 2008 (the new aluminum ones)

29 thoughts on “Experimental Firefox with multitouch support for Mac OS X”

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  2. Or.. You can use Safari which already has multitouch support plus alot of other features such as scrolling a page even though its not highlighted…

    1. That isn’t specific to Safari you know. Gnome, kde, enlightenment and probably most other mayor linux desktop managers support that. It all depends on how the desktop manager uses scrolling actions and to which window it sends them to.

      1. Have’nt said that it’s specific to Safari I just meant why install this build when you can use what already came with your mac?

        1. My computer is Mac OS X 10.4.11
          I think I messed up with the Firefox by installing …. that cause unable to open the presentation, etc. In fact, I don’t know much about the Firefox. I’m just being stupid in installing something without understanding….. How do I renew a Firefox for starting all over again to get back to the original Firefox? I would appreciate you help. Thanks.

          Nancy Rusli

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