Thunderbird 3 Alpha 2 (Shredder) released

Mozilla Messaging has reached the second milestone in Thunderbird 3 development (code named Shredder) with the release of Alpha 2.

Among the 264 bug fixes since Alpha 1 (released on May), Alpha 2 can import mail and settings from Mac OS, as well as SSL and port settings from Outlook Express configuration on Windows. Faster IMAP delete and undo operations. A polished theme and use of the internal address book by default, provides better Mac OS X integration. An option to include only the selected text on replies should become a valuable time saver, like the new compact (purge) button available in the Customize Toolbar dialog.

Shredder Alpha 2 new compact button

Thunderbird 3 is based on the same Mozilla 1.9 platform code base as Firefox 3, so Windows versions previous to Windows 2000 are no longer supported. Tiger (10.4) is the minimum requirement for Mac OS X platforms.

Thunderbird 3 Alpha 2 release notes.

9 thoughts on “Thunderbird 3 Alpha 2 (Shredder) released”

  1. Thanks for letting me know about the new build. I just installed it and love it!

    I’ve been using Shredder for about 2 months now, and have to admit I am completely in love. I used to be a Thunderbird 2 fan, but when OS 10.5 came out last year, I made the switch back to

    I was mostly frustrated with Thunderbird 2’s painfully slow search bar. (I do a lot of searching as I often have to reference e-mails as old as 6 months, sometimes even older.)

    And I also got sucked in by some of Mail’s fluff, like the ability to add quick notes and to-do lists… features that Thunderbird offered via plug-ins, but weren’t very solid.

    Having said all that, I never even use those features anymore. They were fun for a few weeks, but I eventually stopped… which brings me to switching back to Thunderbird.

    The alpha builds of Thunderbird have been remarkably stable. The search is lightning fast. I love everything about it, especially the tighter integration with the UI.

    Only complaint… the tabbed message view. FANTASTIC FEATURE, and I always forget it’s there. They need a button for it or something that draws more attention to it. I feel it’s something I’d definitely use more if I didn’t keep forgetting I had the option.

    So that’s my story of the love affair with Thunderbird 3. I thought I should share my 2 cents on it, as we Thunderbird users are a very small minority in the world.

    1. Thanks for passing by, Nathan! I also appreciate the new tab functionality introduced in Alpha 1 and I hope they will make open messages in new tab he default behavior. That’s the only one feature I miss from the Yahoo! Mail days.

  2. Looks great… but:

    * I’d like to see a faster way to open a message in a new tab… currently you’ll have to right click the message and then select ‘Open Message in New Tab’. For example, the message could be opened when clicking on it usgin the middle mouse button.

    * Is there going to be a ‘Tabs’ item on the ‘Options Windows’. This way one could customize the behavior of the new tabbed interfaces. For example, one could define the default action when double clicking on a message: open it in a new window, or in a new tab.

    * Is there going to be a visual refresh, similar to that occured to Firefofx 3. I’d like to see native icons on Linux, for example.

    I can’t wait to see what the next builds will include…

  3. Ahh.. another thing:

    * I’d like to see also the possibility to compose a new e-mail from a new tab. This would make the UI more consistent.

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