Firefox 3 scores 8.3 million downloads in first 24 hours

As the clock just passes 18:16 GMT on June 18, signaling the end of the 24 hours period for counting the number of downloads Firefox 3.

8’290,908 is the exact number of Firefox 3 downloads, give or take a few thousands, with a strong 12 thousand downloads per minute rate at the time the mark was crossed.

In fact, the push was so hard that NetApplications reports it moved the market share needle by about 2% for Firefox 3: from around 1% early in the morning to about 3% by late at night.

Unsurprisingly, the United States is the country generating the most downloads with about 2.5 million, followed by Germany, Japan, Spain, the UK, France, Canada, Brazil, China and Turkey.

The number has yet to be validated by Guinness officials and hopefullly it will be included in the next printed edition of the Guinness World Records.

Edit: Poland, Lituania, Iran and Italy, all have more downloads than China and Turkey. I initially thought the list included the top 10 countries but it’s not the case. Thanks Paul for the heads up.

30 thoughts on “Firefox 3 scores 8.3 million downloads in first 24 hours”

  1. Italy should be between France and Canada ! Did you forget it ?
    Anyway the score it’s frightening !

  2. Nice 4th place for Spain! That’s great considering we have “only” 40,000,000 inhabitants (USA 240,000,000; Germany 80,000,000; Japan 120,000,000; aprox.)! Nice ratio dwn/hab!!!

  3. Iran was a top player also.

    even with all the political problems they are a great country and firefox supporters

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  5. Israel has a HIGHER downloads/citizens ratio than most of these countries (including the US).

    the advantages of being smaller…
    (72,982 downloads for 7 million in the country :)

    give some respect to the friends in the mid-east… :)

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