Firefox tabs evolve with Multiple Tab Handler

Closing, bookmarking, moving several tabs a time is no fun task as it may require a lot of clicking and dragging.

Not any more with Multiple Tab Handler, a helpful Firefox extension developed by the prolific SHIMODA Hiroshi, that takes Firefox tabs management a natural step forward: press the Ctrl key and click on the tabs you want to select. Then right click on the selection and choose what you want to do: close, reload, move (within the same window or to a new one), duplicate, bookmark, and even copy the tabs addresses as text or HTML.

You can also select tabs by clicking on one, holding for a second or so and then drag over the tabs you want. The context menu will appear when you release the mouse button.

For single tabs, it adds options to close all tabs to the left or to the right as well as an option to close other tabs in the same domain.  You can customize what options are displayed in the context menus.

If anything, I would like the tabs to be highlighted with a different tab background instead of just selecting the title text. Yeah, pure eye candy but this extension certainly deserves it.

You can get Mutliple Tab  Handle from Mozilla Add-ons.

One thought on “Firefox tabs evolve with Multiple Tab Handler”

  1. This extension is great to bookmark several tabs at one time. The only difficulty is that it does not allow the user to place them in the folder of choice — it merely creates a new folder and then the BM’s must be manually moved (and presumably the “new folder” deleted).

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