Facebook Chat in your Firefox sidebar

Today Facebook unveiled its new chat service and as you may suspect it is pretty simple to load it in your Firefox sidebar to have it always on hand.

  • In the Bookmarks menu, select Organize Bookmarks…
  • Click on the New Bookmark…
  • Enter a name. Enter http://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php for the location and check the Load this bookmark in the sidebar checkbox.

    Facebook chat bookmark

Now you can select the just created bookmark to load Facebook Chat whether you have Facebook open in a tab or not.

Facebook chat bookmark

You can do the same with the web version of Google Talk.

15 thoughts on “Facebook Chat in your Firefox sidebar”

  1. I tried this out and it took up alot of the screen space to look good, and text doesn’t line break it just goes out of view…probably wont be using it very much.

  2. Hmm: Aim, Facebook, Google, MSN, IRC, IMVU, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and countless others…

    I think we need to choose a protocol as a standard such as IRC, or create a new standard that can be used for chatting. If we are going to keep a current one, I think that IRC would be best. For a new standard, have it so that people can do IMing through Email or Open ID accounts and general chat through the current IRC system.

  3. Doesn’t work if you have Foxmarks (Xmarks) add on. I’ll just wait till Trillian can do it.

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