Ten Firefox themes for kids

Here are ten Firefox themes for web savvy children to enjoy this holiday vacation.

1. Super Mario Galaxy is here but you know how it all started. This Super Mario Bros. 3 theme gets you closer to Mario origins. (*)

Super Mario theme

2. Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, Barbie, you name it. They are all pink and girls will enjoy this theme as much as their cute little dolls. Pink Paula by Marcio Galli.

PinkPaula theme

3. For space exploration fans, this NASA inspired theme by mcdavis941.

NASA theme

4. For an eclectic, yet fun theme look no further than Scribblies Kids, by Ed Hume.

Scribblies Theme

5. Need even more color? Try Scribblies Brite.

Scribbles Lite theme

6. The Transformers movie theme. Enough said. Includes four variants. (*)

Transformers theme

7. Bring Mozilla Japan’s mascot to your desktop. Foxkeh’s theme.

Foxkeh Theme

8. Shadow Thunder II Sunbeam, by Shadow Thunder.

Shadow Thunder theme

9. The Simpsons by 20th Century Fox Germany.

The Simpsons theme

10. A theme for little soccer fans, SoccerFox SVG by Puffmike Spinello.

Soccer theme

(*) First download the theme file (.jar). To install it, drag the file to the Add-ons Manager (Tools/Add-ons) or use this hidden install button.

10 thoughts on “Ten Firefox themes for kids”

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  2. Shadow Thunder II Sunbeam.

    Love this theme.

    Very easy on the eyes, and easy to read.

    Is there a way to change individual icons?

  3. heyy , is it possible that u can make a hello kitty theme ? pink ? :( Somone did make it but the link expired . im dieing here ! T-T

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