Get Firefox ready for Christmas

Christmas is approaching fast and you can customize Firefox to match your spirit is many fun ways.

If you are really impatient and want to get even more, get Countdown Clock, a Firefox extension developed by Frederic Mercille that lets you set a target date and add a countdown clock to Firefox’s status bar. You can customize words to put before or after the actual remaining time and a message to display the big day.

Now it’s time to dress Firefox properly.

Tinseltown, is a Firefox theme, developed by Thomas McMahon, better known as TwisterMC that brings snow, Santa’s hat, lights, candy bars and everything Christmassy to Firefox user interface.

It hasn’t been reviewed in a year but works as good as the first day. Thomas is asking for feedback. So if you have an idea for making this theme even better, drop him a line.

Tinseltown Firefox theme

X-mas is another Firefox Christmas theme, developed by browser1, that features cool Christmas lights for scroll bars and falling snow in the toolbars background. If you find the movement too distracting, you can get X-Mas Light with static snow.

Xmas Firefox theme

You can mix Firefox and Christmas yet again in your desktop wallpaper with these Christmas wallpapers created by Ken Saunders:

And don’t forget Foxkeh:

Finally, grab this Firefox snow globe to make your own custom greeting e-card. I think it was made available on Spread Firefox on 2004, a few weeks after Firefox 1.0 release. Please let me know if you know the author to give proper credit.

Firefox snow globe

If you know of some other great Christmas stuff drop a comment here and I will add it to the list for all to enjoy.

Happy Holidays!

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