Firefox 3 to feature tab duplication

Firefox 3 will let you duplicate currently opened tabs. This may come handy for those times when you need to split navigation but need to keep a copy of where you started, or are about to take action on a web page that may change it and want to keep a reference.

Whatever the reason, you will just have to press the Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) key while dragging the tab you want to duplicate and dropping it where you want it to appear. To visually differentiate from plain old tab moving, the mouse cursor changes to a copy cursor with a cross.

Duplicate tab in Firefox 3

So far, there is no user interface such as main menu or context menu item to duplicate a tab. Also, note that the duplicated tab doesn’t inherit the original tab’s history.

Noticed the ghost tab in the screenshot? It is a new visual trick for all dragged elements and will also be available for massive consumption in Beta 2, later this month.

If you want this feature now, you may want to try Duplicate Tab, a Firefox extension that provides this same feature for Firefox 2.

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  1. I have this feature on Firefox 2(Just tried dragging a tab with Ctrl and it was duplicated), but i don’t have the Duplicate tab extension.

    Maybe TabMixPlus has this?( i use that one)

  2. Use of Ctrl+Drag Tab has more of a Windows feel to copying tabs than using the Tabs Context menu in “Duplicate Tabs”. Good to see some of the functionality of the extension available Firefox 3. (tested in Fx 3.0b5pre)

    Features Ctrl+Drag tab to an empty tab position, between other tabs, immediately before first tab, or anywhere after the last tab.

    I hadn’t even realized “Duplicate Tab” already had the feature with the Ctrl+Drag Tab for placement, so this may remain a bit obscure in Firefox 3.

  3. Is there any plans for adding a context menu item for this? Cant find anything related to this feature in Bugzilla.
    The duplicate tab extension is great, but i would really want to see this funcionality as default in Fx3. Merging windows would also be great.

  4. Hmm, great that this finally is possible in FF3. Too bad we still need an (yet to be developed…) extension to be able to press for instance Ctrl+T (or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T) to clone the tab without needing to Ctrl+drag…
    Anyone know if or when such an extension (or even core feature) is available?

    1. The “Duplicate Tab” extension has hotkeys for duplicating tab (for duplicating tab to tab, duplicating tab to window, detaching tab, and merging windows).

      1. Additionally, you can combine “Duplicate Tab” (or the similar “Clone Tab” extension) with “keyconfig” to change those hotkeys.

        While it’s not documented, Cntrl+Shift+T executes a duplicate tab when using “Duplicate Tab”. The documented key combo for that operation “Cntrl+Shift+U”, which is nicer when using two hands.

        1. Actually Ctrl+Shift+T is built-in to Firefox, nothing to do with Duplicate Tab. So Ted you may have changed tthat yourself with keyconfig.

          Shift meaning the opposite:
          Ctrl+TAB is Next Tab, Ctr+Shift+TAB is Previous Tab

          kind of breaks down in this area but these are ALL built-in to Firefox.
          Ctrl+T is Open in New Tab.
          Ctrl+Shift+T is Undo Close Tab.
          Ctrl+W is Close Tab.
          Ctrl+Shift+W is Close Window.

          The documented shortcuts for “Duplicate Tab” extension are as follows
          Merge Windows Ctrl+Shift+M,
          Duplicate Tab to New Window Ctrl+Shift+N,
          Duplicate Tab (to New Tab) Ctrl+Shift+U

  5. A year later, they still have not fixed this for the Mac version. It doesn’t work in Firefox 3.5.6 under Mac OS X 10.4.11. Any idea when Mac users will be able to use this functionality?

  6. Opera has a right-click duplicate tab, IE has a right-click duplicate tab that inherits history, chrome has right click duplicate tab, why doesn’t Firefox? Thanks for the tip about how to duplicate in FF but why should it take 3 steps when others only need 1? It’s not that hard to add but it saves 2-3 seconds and makes a lot of people very happy. COME ON MOZILLA!!!

  7. Hi Dave, (Ctrl + drag-tab not being on Mac version)

    Possibly Ctr l+ Drag-tab (Command + Drag-tab) doesn’t work on Mac because of an extension. “Multiple Tab Handler” (MTH) extension on windows does not exactly make that not work but it will interfere quite a bit, because Ctrl and Shift are used to make multiple tab selection possible.

    This should work on Mac
    Ctrl+L locate to location bar and select entire content of location bar, (older versions might have to also include Ctrl+A to select all), followed by
    Alt+Enter open location in location bar into another (new) Tab.

    The “Multiple Tab Handler” and other Tab related extensions provide tab context menu items such as “Duplicate tab”. My notes on MTH can be found in

    The “Tab Clicking Options” extension could do this as well, but FWIW I use it to close a tab with double-click as my only option chosen and used so as not to interfere with MTH..

    From Hi’s mention of Opera copying history, now I remember why I indicated duplicate tab in notes as not cloning a tab.

  8. Well I have to agree that it sure doesn’t work on my Mac running Firefox 3.6.8 with OS X.

    After such a LONG time, it seems bizarre that it STILL hasn’t been implemented?

    I guess I just have to use an Add-On.

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