Customize Firefox blank page

When you open a new tab (File/New tab, or Ctrl + T) you get a blank tab.

If blank is too much for you, try adding some color and style to the blank page.

Just add this code to your userContent.css file located in your profile folder to add a light Firefox icon to the bottom right of the blank page.

Custom about:blank page

As you can see in the linked code, the image is embeded as a data URI. You can use your favorite image replacing the data URI with your favorite image:

  1. Visit Ian Hickson’s data: URI kitchen,
  2. Check the base64 check box
  3. Upload your image
  4. Replace the data: URI in the linked code with the generated link

11 thoughts on “Customize Firefox blank page”

  1. That’s a wonderful tip – thanks!
    (I would – and did – choose a different color though; #FFFF11 turned out to be too obtrusive.)

  2. Hi,

    I would like to change the Tab Close (X) icon color from red with rounded corners to the old square one (no colors/BW/gray)

    How can I do this?



  3. This is a pointless use for it, but data URI’s can be very useful. Instead of uploading to convert to base64, you can use IZArc, which also happens to extract more types of archive files than most people know exist. =D

  4. I don’t see anything in Stylish that allows you to customize with your OWN image. Besides, the Stylish addon is impossible to use and is not user friendly nor intuitive. I hate it.

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