New Firefox update on its way

A bug in just released Firefox affecting an important <canvas> HTML element interface (.drawImage) has prompted Mozilla developers to rush a new update that fixes this bug that affects several web sites and extensions (FoxSaver, Fotofox) that rely on it to deliver the intended experience to their users.

The bug has already been fixed and a first release candidate is now available.

If everything goes OK I think it could be out by Friday making it the first time we have two different Firefox versions in a week.

16 thoughts on “New Firefox update on its way”

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  3. Lotus Notes 6.5.3 w/

    I just tested out FF RC1 and found the following things out
    about it.

    FF RC1- tested on Vista

    -Send & File
    -Save As Draft
    -New -> with all of its options

    Not Working
    -Move To Folder

    Sort of Works
    -check Names -> Only fills in field if there is one instance of the user in both Contacts and Marist Address Book
    -> If there are two instances, Addressbook fails to list all possible users

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  5. I hope the canvas bug is what affects the above site. The pages are displayed correctly in IE 7.0, but in FF, the font is changed. This is consistent over many pages.

    The pages displayed correctly in FF

  6. I am into a loop of updates with my Firefox version. I have windows XP SP2 and this update is in constant progress while i am running Firefox. Then it prompts for install and restart, but in the next restart Firefox is still in its previous version – !
    Is this a bug with my machine?
    Thanks for any help.

  7. I can not get the firefox to open servers IE works but not firefox/mozilla. I have tried firewalls and windows defenders but it is allowing entry. Any ideas what to do.

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