YouPlayer: a YouTube player for Firefox

YouTube fans have a new great way to watch their favorite video snacks, directly fromFirefox sidebar.

YouPlayer is a Firefox extension developed by Wojciech Walewski, that a adds a sidebar where you can drop YouTube links to create and organize a YouTube videos playlist, and a small area to display the videos and play controls making a cool compact video player embedded right inside your browser.


At the time, it only supports YouTube (non-YouTube video links appear crossed out) but I see no reason this couldn’t be extended for other video providers making it an even more powerful utility.

Playlists can be saved as .m3u files that you can keep for yourself and load later or share with others. It would be neat to have an option to save the playlist as a bookmarks folder also.

Dragging elements in the playlist duplicates them (but you can then manually delete the original). Neither I appreciate the text button to open the sidebar it adds to the status bar and can’t be removed. But these can be easily fixed in future releases.

Get YouPlayer at Mozilla Add-ons.

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