Firefox Transformers theme

Firefox Transformers theme

A new Firefox theme inspired by the recent Transformers movie has just been released. The theme reproduces the massive destruction the movie is in large part about on Firefox’s default theme with severely damaged icons and buttons all around the main, Options and Bookmarks windows.

The author even provides instructions to further customize the theme replacing the default red Autobout emblem with the Decepticon’s or silver versions of both.

While it’s not an official version as The Simpsons’ theme is, this will certainly take some of the fun out of the screen and into your daily surfing.

The Transformers theme is still under development and my only complaint is the background images when hovering over the toolbar buttons.

To install it, download the 1.5 MB .jar file from the Firefox Transformers Theme web site. Then drag the downloaded file to Firefox Add-on manager (Tools menu, Add-ons). Make sure to select it and press Use Theme in the Themes tab and then restart Firefox to apply the new theme.

8 thoughts on “Firefox Transformers theme”

  1. Now I liked the movie and all, but this seems like it could be a little excessive. I guess it is no different that the Simpsons theme though. :)

  2. I have gotten the theme installed, however I was also attempting to change to one of the alternative decepticon themes and I was unable to find my userChrome.css file … I searched my entire HD for it and came up with a few userchrome-example files … but I was unable to find one to edit for the Firefox … any help would be greatly appreciated !!!! Thank you in advance for answering this ignorant question !!!

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