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Save Page as Image menu optionsWhile we wait for the option to save a web page as a PDF, due by Firefox 3 final release, there is another option for sharing and archiving web pages. Save As Image, is a simple yet useful Firefox extension developed by Rowan Lewis that adds an option to Save Page as Image to the File menu.

When you select it you have the option to select a particular area of it and tweak it manually with dedicated text boxes provided. At least in theory. The selection overlay that should appear over the actual web page image, appears below it which makes it useless. I’ve contacted Rowan on this and hopefully he will take some time to either fix it or remove the selection features and make it a simpler save-whole-page extension.

With options to choose the image format (JPG/PNG) and image quality I find it extremely useful and, even with the image large size (specially when saving as PNG), still a better alternative to HTML versions that I would like to see available by default in Firefox as another option in the Save Page As… dialog. Being only 10KB (including the user interface) it shouldn’t be a big overhead. Options to save several tabs in a single animated PNG (which will be enormous) and a grayscale would be great to have as well.

Save as Image options

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  2. I still use the Screen Grab add-on since Firefox version 1.5. It does not let you save all tabs, but you can save the page, just the visible part of the frame or a selected area. It has also recently been updated to work with FF 2.0+

  3. Of course, MAC users can save web pages as PDF right now, regardless of browser. Useful feature.

  4. This is one rare instance in which I actually prefer the way M$ does it – the all-in-one Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension HTML (MHTML) format, which IE saves as an .MHT file. It saves the page pretty much like an HTML page with all original content, including separate graphics files, in a single file. The fact that you can open it up (in IE) and copy the text and right-click and save the original image files (all the original content) is a plus.

  5. Like Frank, I have been using the ScreenGrab! extension for Firefox for quite some time and it has worked pretty well.

    And for PDFs, I use the doPDF virtual printer driver which also does the job.

  6. I also have been using screengrab with great success, even on very long pages.

    The thing that I have loved about FF in the past is that I could choose which extensions I wanted/needed. It seems that the newer releases of FF are only adding popular extensions. While I will find this one useful, I would prefer to have the option, and keep the bloat to am minimum.

  7. And what exactly is wrong with good old printscrn?

    It gives you the browser and the chrome. Oh horrors, something that’s worked since windows/386!

  8. Well, you can already “save” things in PDF. Just print to PDF using cutePDF. It has been free for a long time.

    Though it would be cool to print directly from the browser.

  9. nobody, this extension lets you save a full web page image not only the currently seen portion as Print Screen does. Sometimes the chrome is not needed like for archiving purposes so it saves two or three steps as well.

  10. Re. ‘Save a web page as an image’ addon for Firefox.

    I’m sorry to say that I found Rowan Lewis’s programme completely useless. He doesn’t provide a help file either. The powers that be in Firefox should make this mandatory for any addon, plugin or extension. His home page is useless too, at least I could find nothing useful on it about this addon.

  11. John, from the article and as shown in the screenshot: in the File menu, select Save Web Page as Image. Then select the region you want to save and the file format. There isn’t much more to explain, which is a good thing actually.

    I don’t see how you find this extension useless but then we are all free to think and say.

  12. Thanks, Percy. It’s useless because (for me at least) it doesn’t work. I accept that it works for many others. When I save the image as a page it produces a tiny blue square when pasted into Paint, nothing at all in Photoshop. I’ve tried saving the same photo as a background image (using another add-on: backgroundimagesaver) in case there was a transparent .gif overlay. But, again, no joy.

  13. my firefox keep saving pages as an IE page and a folder containing the .gifs and such. I had this. I want the page saved with the images and hyperlinks as one file in firefox format.

    can you help?


  14. if you want to save a web page as a pdf just open the page in acrobat then go FILE > CREATE PDF > FROM WEB PAGE
    If you enter a domain only it’ll create a pdf from the whole site :)

  15. “While we wait for the option to save a web page as a PDF, due by Firefox 3 final release…”.
    Still waiting.

  16. I’ve discovered this add-on and it’s perfect! it is better than sreenshot since you can save even the part of the page which you cannot see in a screenshot, when the page is larger than screen.

    Save as PDF function doesn’t save the correct aspect of the page, usually it breaks the page format.

    And “save HTML” doesn’t allow you to paste it in an email or document.

    Thanks a lot.

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