New multipage Firefox calendar

This is a Firefox 2007 calendar in 3 page format. It is provided as JPG files as I created it with the idea of printing them at a digital photo lab (about $ 0.60 for three 4″ x 6″, I guess).

Page 1, features the now famous Firefox crop circle, a project from the Linux User Group at the Oregon State University.

Page 2, a snapshot from This is hot!, a winner in the Firefox Flicks competition and currently being aired in the Boston and San Franciso areas. Thanks to Danny Robashkin from Make, who kindly contributed this high resolution frame.

Page 3, the Firefox logo. You can draw a 3 over it as soon as Firefox 3 gets out then.

Firefox 2007 calendar multipage, page 1
January – April
Firefox 2007 calendar multipage, page 2
May – August
Firefox 2007 calendar multipage, page 3
September – December
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